Our Little Tigers Program is specifically suited for teaching positive life long character building traits for young bodies & minds.  Little Tigers will be focusing on basic techniques and movements in a fun and positive atmosphere.
"Little Tigers" Classes - Ages 4-6
Kids Classes - Ages 7 +
Adult Classes - Ages 13 +
Family Classes - Kids Ages 7+ & Adults
More Classes ...
Our Kids Classes encompass many valuable benefits both through physical and mindset training.  Children are taught the benefits of martial arts as well as appropriate usage of self defense.  Our instruction also touches on "bullying" situations including protection skills and respect for others.
Adult Classes - Ages 13+
The Adult Classes are a great way to really step up on physical fitness.  No matter what skill or previous work out level, everyone benefits from improved endurance, ability, and strength.  There is also greater peace of mind learning self defense skills and protection techniques.
The main goal of Family Class is to provide quality family time.  Parents and children can work out together and share in their martial arts training development.  This class helps create better physical conditioning as well as a much greater respect among family members.
We have even more specialized classes to offer including:

  • Black Belt Classes
  • Poomsae Tournament Training